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Still searching by antoanette Still searching by antoanette
Photo for CV
Photo and edit: Matej Jurčević
model: me
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Sedeslav Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2016
Eo ti pusa....od krampusa.
Doglover123456 Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2016

stunningly beautiful :-)

great smile, beautiful hair...

cute nose...

*sign* <3

you make this picture for a job application?
I see no jewelry which is very good but you might get marriage proposals for this photo ^^
antoanette Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2016
well there is more than it meets the eye:)
Doglover123456 Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2016
always, but sadly perspective seems to have move in last decades from brain to looks -.-

so noone will know if that average guy is interesting... ince it will be ignored...

anyway great pic .-) with a great person on it ´(especially after that remark :-)
antoanette Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2016
well from my point of view charisma matters a lot. If guy is standardly handsome but dull I will not be interrested whatsoever, but if someone is maybe even "average" looking but shines and has something special in his aura, I will be drawn to that kind of persona. It's not just the look but it's how you radiate:)
Doglover123456 Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2016
sounds enlighted, but is charisma tied to looks?
I simply dont know....

Are other skills and perks like knowledge, wisdom, loyalty, creativity, justness, ability to repair anything with a swiss army knive, gaffer tape and a piece of string not also interesting?
Gaffer tape and house roof rain rails form a long lasting relationship by the way ^^

Problem is all these things you will never see in ones aura well except his pocket knive which is tied to his bunch of keys...

Everywhere you look and if you are alone you are reduced to looking and observing. its always the same: the same type of people are staying alone no mattter what they do and its always the same type of person or personality who (which?) just grab one partnership after the other, happily having several at the same time.... jumping from flower to flower...

sooner or later people start giving up making it even more impossible to be found...
cynics are romantics disappointed by live...
"life is a lemon and I want my money back"  ^^

I once worked in a nuclear power plant I sincerely hope I dont radiate anymore....
antoanette Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2016 a lot of stuff written here but I will try to be as clear as I can. is all connected to aura and charisma...all the things in a person, one's abilities, charm, goodness...everything. It is all connected and yes...even with looks, but in a more subtle way. Yes I am also recently single and I know what it feels like to be lonely and insecure and feeling betrayed when seeing who ends up in a relationship. First of all one should not be looking for a partnership. It happens by itself if it is meant to be. It is not my job to judge how others are, they have their traumas and reasons why they "jump from flower to flower" and personally I see nothing wrong there. It is their life, their has nothing to do with me and how I choose to be. I  find the story of "one soulmate" a bit inaccurate. It is very romantic but I believe that first you need to be your own soulmate in order to find someone. You should be pleased with yourself first and then it will happen....if it is meant to be. It is a difficult journey but it is worth it to pass that lesson:)
Doglover123456 Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2016
I try to please ^^

Am sry that you had.... differences.... pain is something noone should endure...

Am afraid you approach is ... female... you are incredibly cute, beautiful and talented. Also from your writing I would say you are intelligent. I have no idea how knowledgable you are, in general or about the world, but chances are if I had to bet: you understand more about it than most...
You can be sure you are appoached (if you want it or not) by tons of suitors (not necessarily the "right" ones), which has happened probably your entire live...  this never happens to males unless you are a celebrety.

I fear if you have enough years of permanent rejection people tend to give up and that is what I have seen often... its always the same kind of people that sit alone. It pains to see these people wither away.

Its of course not your job to judge others (although... maybe you are working at court...) but everyone does it, at least subconciously.

I dont believe in destiny, its entirely your or to be more broad the females choice. Its not males that chose, its the female. And you can not "chose" to not chose since even that is a decision. By refusing to communicate you are communicating.

romance is from what I see not existing i am maybe one of these dissapointed-by-live-cynics but to only give and never receive is a bit of a bad example to uphold romantic ideals...

just looked at the picture again; what did you have to edit?
slight wrikles from smiling are great :-) keep and cherish these, keep smiling its also efficient you need 8 times as many muscles to make a grim face ^^
inObrAS Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2016
antoanette Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2016
focallength Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2016
Wonderful shot. You are so beautiful. :-)
Gibert Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2016
Wgorgeous portrait!
GabrielBB Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2016
sweet smile, sweet, pretty girl
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Dreamgate-Gad Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2016  Professional General Artist
untuox Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2016
Wonderful portrait.
s-incubus Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2016
cute :)
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